The Country Girls/H!P Shake-up

We now know the results of the Country Girls/KSS Divestment Draft of 2017: ANGERME gets CG member Musubu Funaki and KSS member Ayano Kawamura; Morning Musume gets CG member Chisaki Morito; Juice=Juice gets CG member Nanami Yanagawa and KSS member Danbara Ruru. KSS member Reina Ichioka will lead a new group with members to be … Continue reading The Country Girls/H!P Shake-up


PINK CRES. crescendo

So, “Miyabi’s new group”. That’s what we were calling it for over a year, including five months after the audition winners were announced. Hell, even Miyabi herself got in on the joke, calling it “Miyabi Factory”. A year-and-a-half to name a new unit featuring one of H!P’s more storied idols? Who the hell is running … Continue reading PINK CRES. crescendo

Morning Musume. ’17 Spring Concert Tour ~THE INSPIRATION!~

The final day of Morning Musume’s Spring 2017 tour was broadcast live on BT-S, and you can watch it at HelloProjectVideos at Dailymotion (in five parts), or download it in a variety of resolutions from aidoru-online. The strong opening performance of “BRAND NEW MORNING” sets a bold  tone: Kaga and Yokoyama walk on stage to … Continue reading Morning Musume. ’17 Spring Concert Tour ~THE INSPIRATION!~