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Mizuki Murota TopYell Interview

By: Tsuchiya Keisuke Translation: Lurkette (Hello-Online.org) Translation originally published at Hello-Online.org Seeking the honesty of today’s shining idols! Right now, ANGERME is entertaining us as a group that embodies an aura of uniqueness, even among Hello!Pro acts. One reason for that may be the overwhelming personalities of each of the members. Maybe we could feel that intensity, … Continue reading Mizuki Murota TopYell Interview

UP-FRONT Terminates Rio Fuji’s Contract

In a statement (English translation) originally released on the official Hello! Project website, UP-FRONT PROMOTION (UFP) has terminated the contract of Kobushi Factory member Rio Fuji, effective immediately. She is said to have violated company rules, but no details regarding the violations have been released. This comes shortly after UFP and Fuji released statements announcing her … Continue reading UP-FRONT Terminates Rio Fuji’s Contract

So, About That Rumored Aya Matsuura Comeback…

Back in March, rumors began circulating about an Aya Matsuura comeback, and sadly, we’ve heard nothing new since then. Now, planning a return to the music biz isn’t something you do spur-of-the-moment, especially if you’re the mother of a two-year-old. I get that, but for the media to have caught wind of such a return, … Continue reading So, About That Rumored Aya Matsuura Comeback…

Kinki Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto Hospitalized For Sudden Deafness

(From jpopasia.com) Kinki Kids member Tsuyoshi Domoto has been hospitalized for a week after experiencing sudden deafness. Kinki Kids was supposed to make an appearance on TV Tokyo's "Ongakusai 2017" broadcast on June 28. Domoto was not present for the recording. Group mate Koichi Domoto explained that Domoto has experienced hearing loss and will be … Continue reading Kinki Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto Hospitalized For Sudden Deafness

Tsubaki Factory New Single Radio Rips: “Shuukatsu Sensation” & “Waratte”

Radio rips for two of the three songs from Tsubaki Factory's upcoming (7/26) single have been uploaded to Youtube. Fisrt impressions? I like both a lot. Starting with "Shuukatsu Sensation", it's a DANCE☆MAN production, so you know this is the funky one, right? Wrong, althought the trademark DM congas are present throughout, this is more … Continue reading Tsubaki Factory New Single Radio Rips: “Shuukatsu Sensation” & “Waratte”